Product Update

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  1. Are there any additional costs for updating my purchased product? We offer a FREE lifetime Update, so you don’t need to pay for that. This means that if we update our extensions, you will get the latest features of your purchased package without paying any additional fees. Please note that our updates will not depend on Magento updates. To get all the ...
  2. How often do you update your products? We often update our products with a huge number of users and requests, followed by the others. The updates usually depend on a specific product. If there are any updates in the Magento platform, then we will also update our products to be compatible with the new updates.
  3. How can I get the updated version? To receive an updated version, please log in to Magespark firstly, then go to “My Account” and then “My downloadable products” where you can download the updated version of our products.
  4. What exactly do you update on your products? In a few cases, some stores may encounter conflicts when using the current version. So, we fix these technical glitches or bugs in the updated version to make it more efficient and reliable as compared to the old one.
  5. How do I know if my extension has been updated? To know if your extension is updated or not, simply go to the product page, you will find the new updates in the Release notes section. To get the latest updates or promotions, stay connected with us or follow our blog to stay updated.
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