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  1. How can I pay for your products? You can purchase our products following the various payment options when placing your order. Credit/Debit Card, Master/Visa Card, etc Paypal, Americal Experess, etc If you face any problems with any of these payment methods or if you do not use any of these payment options, please contact ...
  2. I don't have Paypal. Do you offer other payment methods? Besides Paypal, you can make a payment through credit cards and mater/visa cards.
  3. Can I use a Credit Card to place an order? Yes, of course! You can use a credit card to purchase our products or plan your order
  4. I was redirected to Paypal to fill in my details, but I don’t know whether it is completed or not. Simply log in to your account in Magespark then go to “My order” to check if your order has been completed or pending.
  5. Which Payment Methods Are Supported? We accept almost all major payment options mentioned below: Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa Card, and American Express. PayPal payment method: PayPal payment is used for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express types, and more.
  6. Is my order information safe when purchasing on your site? We respect the rights of customers and follow the law. There, we highly protect your order information, so we can always keep it safe & secure. At Magespark, we put security and customer rights on the top. We ensure that your information is protected both online and offline on our website.
  7. What should I do, if I get a problem with the payment method? Generally, we offer a flawless checkout process to make your payment in no time within a few clicks. However, in some cases, if it happens, we will recommend you to review our payment guide for reference. In addition to this, if you want, you may also contact us by sending an email to ...
  8. How can I get my invoice? You probably know that our products are downloadable without tax. Therefore, the invoice is tax-free. If you need an invoice, please contact us and we will send it to you manually.
Set Descending Direction