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  1. Do you offer trials? No, we do not provide extensions with trial versions. However, we offer a 30-days money-back guarantee, ensuring the customers’ rights and benefits. It means if you are unsatisfied with your purchased product, you can get a full refund within 30 days without paying any extra charges and all. ...
  2. How can I uninstall/remove my extension? In case you want to uninstall or remove our extension from your server, follow the below steps: Remove the folder: app/code/local/Magespark/{Solution_name}from your Magespark installation folder. Go to the System/ Cache Management in the back-end, and refresh the Cache. If you need more ...
  3. How many times do I have to pay for your product/extension/plugin one-time? All you have to pay is the one-time cost when you purchase our product and use it forever. There’s no monthly cost and our products come with FREE lifetime updates. But one module is applicable for one test/development site only.
  4. What if I’m interested in your product but there’s no version compatible with my Magento site? In that case, please contact us to get support from our support specialists here. We will consider creating a version that works on your Magento site. The charges will depend on circumstance.
Set Descending Direction