About Us

We eCommerce and even more passionate about helping you make money.

MageSpark is a leading extension development company that develops and designs premium high-quality Magento 2 themes and extensions. We are passionate about what we do and believe that constant development and sophistication are what make us stand out.

Our team specialises in creating cutting-edge Magento Extensions, Themes and custom developments that enhance core Magento functionality, aiming to satisfy the growing needs of merchants, designers and developers worldwide. MageSpark is oriented on finding and presenting the most innovative solutions for solving all e–°ommerce related tasks.

All of our extensions are developed by a team of Magento 2 professionals, who are Magento Certified Developers on years of knowledge and experience, which is exactly is at the heart of what we do. Our primary goal is to deliver the most effective ideas for e-Commerce needs for businesses of all types, including yours. Our main focus at MageSpark is to create beautifully crafted code, packed with useful and back by award-winning customer support.