Knowledge base

General Questions

  1. Do you offer Magento/ Magento 2 customization services?
  2. How can I fix third-party extension conflicts?
  3. What should I do if I receive a "404 Not Found" error when accessing the configuration page?
  4. How to fix error 403 in Magento 2?
  5. Are your extensions compatible with themes from other vendors?

Refund Policy

  1. I bought your product over 30 days ago, but didn’t use it, can I ask for a refund?
  2. I bought two items in one order. Can I get a refund for one of them?
  3. Can I get my refund after purchasing?


  1. How many test/development sites can I set up with your product after purchasing?


  1. Are there any additional costs after purchasing?
  2. Is there any difference in price between the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition?
  3. Are there any discounts that I can get?

Product Update

  1. Are there any additional costs for updating my purchased product?
  2. What exactly do you update on your products?
  3. How do I know if my extension has been updated?
  4. How often do you update your products?
  5. How can I get the updated version?


  1. How long does the installation take?
  2. How can I get installation service at your site?
  3. Can I ask for a refund for the installation service?


  1. Do you offer trials?
  2. How can I uninstall/remove my extension?
  3. How many times do I have to pay for your product/extension/plugin one-time?
  4. What if I’m interested in your product but there’s no version compatible with my Magento site?


  1. Get my product after placing an order
  2. Why do I not see my purchased items in Downloadable products?
  3. How do I cancel a pending order and place a new one?
  4. I cannot add items to my cart. Why?
  5. How do I know whether my order has been completed or pending?


  1. I don't have Paypal. Do you offer other payment methods?
  2. Is my order information safe when purchasing on your site?
  3. Can I use a Credit Card to place an order?
  4. Which Payment Methods Are Supported?
  5. What should I do, if I get a problem with the payment method?

Tech Questions

  1. Magento Security Scan & Patches: Why Should You Use it?
  2. How to Install Magento 2 via Composer
  3. How to Enable Developer Mode in Magento 2
  4. How to fix 404 errors in Magento 2 advanced reporting?
  5. How to Unlock Reindex Process in Magento 2: Index is locked by another reindex process Skipping?