Shopify Theme Customization

Shopify Theme Customization

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We offer best-in-class Shopify store development and Shopify Theme Customization Services to expand the functionality of your Shopify eCommerce store based on your specific business requirements.

  • Complete Theme Customization
  • Design layout adjustments
  • Typography adjustments
  • Logo and branding integration
  • Custom functionality

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Shopify Theme Customization is needed when you want to extend the functionality of your eCommerce store and take full advantage of the Shopify platform. Though there is a wide range of Shopify themes available to suit your business needs. Depending on your store's needs, you may need to customize some features and functionality. For that, you may require Shopify experts to customize your Shopify theme as per your unique needs.

Being a leading Shopify development company, at Magespark, we hold a team of Shopify experts who have great expertise in Shopify store development, Shopify theme development, Shopify customization, Shopify migration, etc. You may count us on the top when it comes to Shopify theme design & customization.

No matter how complex requirements you have, we can help customize all things you need to make your Shopify store amazing and successful. If you want to customize your Shopify theme, hire our Shopify experts to get the best Shopify Theme Design and Customization services at affordable prices.

What is included in Shopify theme customization?

Shopify themes are basically extraordinary and we realize that you love them, however much we do. Be that as it may, in some cases they miss the mark regarding your requirements and you want something else to make them ideal for your business. Our Shopify specialists can modify the theme as indicated by your requirements.

Shopify theme customization incorporates:

  • Logo and Branding Integration
  • Design Layout Adjustments
  • Typography Adjustments
  • Custom Functionality or Feature
  • Also Much More
  • Item page customization
  • Checkout customization
  • Installation of new applications
  • Blog integration

Why Choose Magespark For Shopify Theme Customization

Shopify Theme Customization Experts

Our highly experienced Shopify theme customization experts complete all the progressions you need in your Shopify theme to make it more applicable to your business. Our Shopify experts can customize any Shopify theme whether you have purchased from the Shopify theme store, ThemeForest, format beast, or any other Shopify theme developer.

Theme Customization In Non-Destructive Ways

Shopify experts at Magespark are highly skilled at theme customization in non-disastrous ways. The Shopify theme is modified according to customer inclinations, however, the excellence of this is that the theme's usefulness stays unblemished. Customers would now be able to update the theme at whatever point there are developer updates! Get the advantages of customization, without losing the advantages of usefulness.

On-Time Delivery

We invest heavily in conveying the site on time, for customers. We have a smoothed out course of theme customization that guarantees we convey the site on time. Pick our timely conveyance and start to finish customization services.

Excellent Support

Magespark doesn't stop at planning great Shopify stores. We additionally give superb Shopify backing and upkeep that will keep your store updated all the time. You can contact us through talk, email, or telephone.

FAQs of Shopify Theme Customization

After you choose a theme that characterizes the fundamental look and feel of your online store, you can customize the theme to suit your extraordinary image. You can utilize the theme editorial manager to customize your theme content and settings from your Shopify administrator.

Assuming that you enlist a Shopify arrangement master the evaluating can fluctuate extraordinarily. You can pay just $99 USD for somebody to set up a Shopify theme and as much as $5k USD for an office to customize a layout making it more on-brand. On the off chance that you choose the last option course, I'd prompt going with a custom theme.

Utilizing Shopify Theme Updater App

The Theme Updater App works with the update cycle by giving a speedy and simple method for redesigning famous Shopify themes, without losing any of your designed theme settings.

While you will not lose your navigation, pages, blog posts, items, or collections by changing your theme, you will lose any changes made to your Edit HTML/CSS and Customize theme pages. Traders frequently make on-the-fly changes to these areas and disregard them.

Collection list

  • From the Shopify app, tap Store.
  • In the Sales channels segment, tap Online Store.
  • Tap Manage themes.
  • Next to Supply, tap Customize.
  • Tap Edit.