Every store owner wants to promote their online business to increase sales and boost conversions. But after they end up with their basic marketing tactics and thought to decide on any best marketing plan to promote their online store that's where a marketing strategy comes in!

Like a lot of marketing tools are there in the market, so in that case, it becomes hard to choose the best marketing strategies for your business. To help you find the best marketing tactics, we have come up with the best marketing tactics to gain more customers and promote your online business.

If you try out and implement these marketing tactics, you will definitely be able to promote your online eCommerce business and boost sales quickly and more effectively.

Grow Your Store Sales

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What is the Best Ecommerce Marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is the practice of utilizing promotional tactics to drive traffic and increase conversions to your online store, and convert them into paying customers.

An effective marketing strategy must be made both on and off for your website. Using the right marketing tactics, you can build brand awareness, customer loyalty and expand your business worldwide more efficiently.
Whether you want to promote and boost sales for a specific product or promote your business as a whole, marketing tactics can be used both ways.

Let’s dig deeper into the best marketing tactics to promote your online store.


1. Reduce Card Abandonment

This is one of the very first steps that you should take to improve and promote your online store for sales. Many customers abandon their carts during the checkout process, which results in loss of customers and ultimately the loss of sales of your products. Below are some most common reasons for cart abandonment.

In order to reduce the cart abandonment process during the checkout, make sure you have optimized your store with all those key points. It’s an experience of every visitor, they simply don’t want to wait longer and that’s the reason why they leave your site.

Furthermore, you can create an effective email to target those customers who abandoned the cart and don’t make them feel like you are approaching them for sales but make them feel like “Forgot something? Your products are waiting for you”. This will increase the chances to come back to your shop and make their purchase more easily.


2. Upsell Your Products

Many eCommerce stores take full advantage of upselling, as they are well-versed with upgrading their customers to purchase products that are rich both in prices and features. But it is only possible when you upsell the right way and it ensures that it is very relevant to original products.

For example, if a customer is looking for a laptop then he might be well sure about the screen resolution, memory size, and processor that he/she wants to purchase with those features.

To make up-selling for such products, you can ask them about the memory size, processor types if they are looking to upgrade to, by asking questions like which memory size is right for you? And which processor & screen size work best for you?

This way, they will definitely be able to upgrade to premium or more expensive products that best fit them.


3. Promote on Instagram

Instagram has become the most popular social media platform, connecting users, brands, and influencers with over 500 million active users daily. If you are looking for some smart marketing tactics to promote your online store, then Instagram is right for you.

If you use high-quality images of your products with the right tags, you will definitely grow your Instagram followers of people who are really interested in your products.

To engage with customers on Instagram in the right way, you can try out many things, such as sharing your products on Instagram feed and story and keep posting about the latest products, offers, and coupon codes to get the chances of direct purchasing right there.


4. Build a Facebook Store

No doubt. Facebook has proven to be an effective and most powerful social media platform for promoting online e-commerce business. With a lot of changes and improvements, Facebook is now used as the best marketing platform for online stores.

So, if you are looking to promote your store and boost sales directly through Facebook, this is the right time to integrate your online store with Facebook. Doesn’t matter if you are using Magento, Shopify, or any other eCommerce platform for your online shop, it is now pretty easy to integrate your shop with Facebook.

In addition to this, you can also plan out a Facebook ad or campaign to promote and sell your products more efficiently. Facebook ads are the best and cost-effective ways to drive traffic, boost conversions and ultimately increase sales of your online store.


5. Run Google Ads

Google ads are another yet more popular way to promote your products and services based on targeted keywords that people search for using search engines. With Google ads, you can run ads easily by knowing and implementing the most browsed keywords based on your products and services and you will get paid for each click you get through the ads.

Thus, it is also a cost-effective marketing tactic that lets you expand your products across search engines, increasing the chances of getting more sales.


6. Create a Wishlist Email Reminder

Creating a whitelist email reminder is very similar to the cart abandonment rate and is widely used for convincing customers to make their final purchase. When you have designed an email with interesting content about their products and to remind them about what they are missing, the chances are near to convert those left customers into purchased customers.

The trend of email marketing is yet on the move and definitely it works if designed and targeted at the right time. But before you send the wishlist reminder to any of your customers, make sure it is aligned with customer focus in mind.


7. Create the Best Email Marketing Strategy

Creating the best email marketing strategy can help you keep your customers updated about your latest product updates, offers/promotions, coupon codes, etc. Email marketing is another yet great way to stay in touch with your current and existing customers and build a long-lasting working relationship by making them feel like you really care about their needs, likes and dislikes, etc.

To make your email marketing more effective, be sure to gather the customers' data that you are targeting first. And then write a message that makes them understand you are really after their needs or something they find to open it and come back to your site and make the purchase. So, make sure everything is planned out accordingly before you send an email to them.


8. Implement live chat functionality to engage with more customers

This is yet in fashion for any online eCommerce store, to implement live chat functionality for their online visitors with the intent to answer their questions about your products & services and convert them for purchase. The store with live chat functionality tends to get more sales and customers as compared to those stores without it.

It helps to build trust in your customers and encourage them about purchasing the right products based on their choices. Being a store owner, you may not want to leave any visitors coming to your store and would definitely love to help them with what they need.

To help your customers better, implementing live chat functionality is the best way to get started with selling more. Try implementing a live chat feature today and soon you will realize how it is right for you.


Final Words

Thus, following all the above top 8 ways to promote your online store, you will definitely be able to get more sales and conversions to uplift your business efficiently. There are many other ways too, to market your online eCommerce business, but the above are the most effective ways to expand your business worldwide and get more sales.

If you need help wiith growing your business online, contact us today to see how we can help double your business sales.