It is reported that most of the customers abandoned shopping cart when they go to checkout after adding the product to their cart. That’s because they have to face lengthy checkout process when purchasing any item during their shopping experience or it takes a lot of time to check out the product while placing their order and they quit the product page which results in increasing the abandoned rate. We know well that no one wants to make a purchase from a website having a lengthy checkout process because it directly impacts on their minds and results in bad user experience for them.

To avoid such problems, you need to optimize your Magento shopping cart so that you can redirect your customers directly to the checkout page after adding the product to their shopping cart immediately. It will bring you more conversions and reduce the abandoned rate by driving more and more customers and encouraging them to purchase the products from your online eCommerce store in the most effective way. Now you will be able to convert your online visitors into customers by optimizing your Magento shopping cart to boost the conversion rate on your online web store. We will provide you with the best tips to optimize the cart process which will help you to scale your business to new heights of success in the most effective way. We also explain the reasons why customers remove the item after adding them to their shopping cart and provide you with the perfect solution by using some of our most effective tips for optimizing shopping carts to boost the conversion on your online Magento store in the most powerful way. Here in this article, we will tell you the most effective tips to optimize the shopping cart so you can boost conversions and increase the sales of your online store more effectively.


Why Customers Abandoned The Shopping Cart?

As stated by Baymard, the following are the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment:

  • High extra shipping costs – 53%
  • The requirement to register an account – 31%
  • Lengthy checkout process – 23%
  • Can’t see the total cost of order up-front – 20%
  • Insecure payment information – 17%
  • Late delivery – 16%
  • Errors and crashes about online stores - 15%
  • Unsatisfied with returns policy – 10%
  • Lack of payment methods – 6%
  • Declined credit card – 4%

Being a leading Magento development company, we aim to provide all the essential tips which help you to optimize the shopping cart of your Magento store and let you understand the reasons that prevent the customers to complete the checkout process for their order placements. You can drive more and more customers on your online eCommerce store and encourage them to purchase more products by using the following tips:


High Hidden Costs Prevents Customers To Complete Their order

Customers get frustrated when they see any hidden prices after doing all the checkout process for placing their orders. It will disappoint them if you keep hidden extra charges and prevent them from completing the order which results in order cancellation. It puts a negative impression on the customers and they make up their mind not to do any purchase again from such an online e-commerce store, resulting in reducing conversions and increasing shopping cart abandonment.



We will suggest you make all costs visible in front of customers and reduce extra hidden charges to provide them with the flawless checkout process while placing the order.

It is experienced that most of the customers like to purchase the products when they see free shipping on their products. Free shipping encourages customers to complete their order instantly without wasting their time. To drive more customers to boost the conversions, you can include the extra price in the product price to offer free shipping for your customers. This way you can save your money and help customers to make more purchases from your online eCommerce store to boost the conversion rates more effectively. It is better to display all extra charges clearly in terms and conditions section so that customers can know clearly all about the product total price to make a purchase without any thinking. It should be displayed in such a way so they do not feel like they have been scammed and makes them feel safe & secure like never before on your online Magento store.


Slow Delivery of Product

Fast delivery of any products puts a great impression to customers and encourages them for more from such online eCommerce sites which ensures quick and fast delivery of their products in no time. No customers want to wait longer for their products to be delivered late and they desire to get their order delivered to them as quickly as possible.

A fast delivery brings a smile to your customers’ face which results in getting a positive review of the product delivery from the customers after delivering their product. Most of the customers love to pay extra charges for the fast delivery of their product so they could get their product quickly by choosing standard delivery for their order. To better handle such problems, you can charge some additional costs for standard delivery of the products when needed.


Tips. Fast Delivery

It is experienced that more than 60% of customers like to pay extra money for quick delivery of their product. This is the most trending behaviour where you can charge extra money by offering the option of standard delivery for the quick delivery process. This way you can help your customer to get delivered their products according to their time by providing prompt delivery service which helps you to improve the shopping cart and boost the conversion on your online web store.


Lengthy Checkout Process

One of the biggest reasons why people love to make online shopping because of their convenience and time-saving in the busy world. It gets frustrating your customers when they have to face various steps and so many clicks with the lengthy checkout process which is time-consuming and ask them to register an account after filling all the information. As a result of that, they abandoned the cart and left the product page that directly impacts on your online business.



Reduce checkout steps to quickly redirect customers to the checkout page.

We will suggest you not to make compulsory registration before making the purchase for your customers. You can allow customers to checkout as guests so it could be more comfortable to them while checking the whole process. You can add a progress line to help customers to identify how long it will take to checkout. You can offer promotional cards or reward programs for your customers that will encourage them to create an account.

We will suggest you disable all ads and popups during the checkout process so it won't distract them to complete the order. We also recommend you to disable Ajax “Add to Cart” button on the product page so you can optimize the shopping cart and allow your customers redirect to the checkout page after adding the products to their cart. It will help you to optimize the shopping cart and improve the traffic to boost the conversion rate on your online eCommerce store.


Errors and crashes on the website

Sometimes, if your customers face any problem during their checkout process due to some technical glitches then its get them disturbed and prevent them from completing their order process which results in shopping cart abandonment.



To ensure smooth working, we recommend you to keep updated your website with all security patches and updates frequently from time to time.

We will suggest you to keep maintaining your website with all functionality of security patches and latest updates from time to time to get better performance of your online Magento store. By updating your site in a timely manner, you will be able to enhance the performance and help customers easily find the information they are looking for on your eCommerce store.

To keep an eye on such errors and crashes of your website, you should employ a team of expert Magento developers or technical specialists who can take immediate actions to find out the problems and resolve them quickly so it won’t impact on your online business as well as your customers. Immediate action about such problems gives a positive impression on customers and encourages them to make a purchase from your online eCommerce store.


Lack Of Payment Methods

It is noticed that more than 55% of customers abandoned the cart due to some problems with the payment methods. Customers stop completing the checkout process to place their order due to lack of payment methods, insecure payment information and declined credit card. They face problems and feel insecure with such payment process. In order to optimize the payment process, you need to fulfill all these requirements in such a way so your customers feel safe to make their payment while placing the order.


Boost Payment Process To win the trust of your customers, you need to display verified contents and clear information on contact details, customer reviews, and other detailed product information in the most appealing way so that customers could easily find their relevant details and feel secure during the checkout process to place the order.

We will suggest you provide multiple payment methods to drive more customers by integrating some of the best payment gateway extensions into your online Magento store. You will be able to offer various flexible payment methods to your customers by installing Magento 2 payment gateway extensions into your online store and provide them with a smooth payment process while placing their order. Multiple payment options allow retaining for your customers who have their credit cards declined.


Unsatisfied Return Policy

Sometimes, it happens when customers want to return the product they have placed earlier due to many reasons. It may be because they have changed their mind or they have seen the same product at a low price somewhere else or due to some personal problems. It gets them frustrated when they face too many rules with extra charges in return policy to get their product return. They get afraid and make their decision not to make any purchase again from such online eCommerce having such strict return policy from your online store. As a result of this, it puts a bad impression on customers which reduces the conversion and low revenue on your online store.



Provide them quick and easy returns policy

By providing customers with the quick and easy return policy, you will be able to help them to get their product return in the easiest way without charging extra money and encourage them for making their plan B in case they wish for purchasing the other relevant products that perfectly best fit according to their needs and requirements. An easy return policy prevents you from losing the customers and helps you to make a long-term relationship with them for the benefit of you and your customers.


Tips to Optimize Magento Shopping Cart

As we talked about the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment and given tips to optimize the shopping cart so you can improve the cart process to reduce the percentage of Magento cart abandonment. Now we would like to share more effective tips so you can increase conversion rates and boost the sales of your online store more effectively.


Thumbnail images of products

When customers add any simple products to the cart, it will automatically generate a featured image of that product along with grouped, bundle, and configurable products which puts a negative impression to them by always displaying parent product in the shopping cart. As we know well, it is possible to display an image of configurable products by optimizing the Magento shopping cart process.


Easy Navigation From Magento Shopping Cart to an Online Store

Every customer wants easy and smooth navigation while switching from shopping cart to product assortment when purchasing products online. When it comes to point where they need to face difficulty while completing the checkout process to place their order results in decreasing the sales by reducing the sales of your online eCommerce store. To get more customers with great user experience, you need to navigate your store so it could be more convenient for customers to checkout page easily.


Magento shopping cart price rules

Offering various coupons, promotions, and discount codes as incentives for your customers give them better attract for purchasing the products from your online Magento store. By using Magento shopping cart price rules, you can allow customers to save their money so you can drive more and more customers by providing them with a great discount on all or specific products during their shopping experience from your online eCommerce store. You can apply the shopping cart price rules in the following ways:

  • Coupon Codes
  • Free shipping
  • Buy one and get one free or
  • Special Discount on purchasing more than 1 products etc.


Product Recommendations For Cross-Selling & Up-Selling

By using product recommendations system into your Magento store, you can help customers easily to find out their desired products by suggesting the most relevant product that perfectly best fit according to their needs and requirements. It helps customers to save their time by displaying the most relevant products according to their browsing experience from your online eCommerce store.

Product recommendations have proven itself to be the most successful tool being used in online eCommerce stores from around the world. Amazon is one of the most successful examples of using the recommendation system into every part of its online shopping process which helped its customers purchasing more and more products in the most pleasant way. Product recommendation system helps you make up-sell and cross-sell by suggesting the most relevant product and encourage customers for more shopping. Which in results, improves the customer shopping experience and helps you to boost your online business to a new level of success in the most efficient way. There are various recommendation extensions including Who viewed this also viewed, Who bought this also bought, Frequently bought together, and so on are the most vital tools used in an online eCommerce store to boost the sales and scale up the business at a satisfying level more effectively.


Call-to-Action Button

Call-to action button plays an important role in converting your online visitors into real customers and encourage them to make their purchase decision. By customizing the “Call-to-Action” button such as button colour, position, and font style can put a positive impression on your customers’ mind and encourage them for shopping to boost the conversion. You need to customize the call to action button in such a way so you can draw more attention to your customers’ eyes in the most appealing way. For that, you need to choose the better font, colour, style, and position that perfectly best fit according to your business needs and customers as well.


Final Words

Hope this article will be helpful for you! Now you will be cleared that by optimizing each tool of your online web store can be a great factor to increase the sales and boost conversion rates of your online eCommerce store in the most powerful way. Secure payment gateways and easy checkout process have proven to be the most significant factor involved in driving more customers, enhance the customer shopping experience and high conversions with more revenue on your online web store.

We recommend you to customize each feature and functionality of your Magento store by Certified Magento developers so you can get high performance and better user experience to boost conversions on your online Magento store in the most powerful way. If you still face any issue while optimizing the shopping cart of your Magento store, feel free to get in touch with us or you may directly Contact Us. We will be happy to assist you!