Magento 2 Quick View

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Magento 2 Quick View by Magespark allows customers to easily get the product information and add the most preferred items to the cart without leaving your current page. Quick View Magento 2 extension is an effective Magento 2 extension for every store owner which improves the shopping experience and enhance conversion rates and come with below features.

  • Allow your customers to get product information without loading the product page.
  • Provide all information like product price, images, colors, sizes, and product descriptions in the popup window.
  • Options to add to cart, select quantity or review product.
  • Improve product browsing process
  • Ability to add or remove product details and information from the preview popup.
  • Flexibility to customize products in a popup.
  • Easy to submit review and rating from the preview popup.
  • Easy to add products to cart from the quick view popup window.
  • Easy to customize the quick view button.
  • User-friendly Quick View pop-up like Ajax Add to Cart.
  • Speed up web performance and enhance conversion rate.
Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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In today’s growing world, every store owner wants to improve customer shopping experience to enhance the high conversion rate of their web store. With the Quick View extension for Magento 2, Magespark will help you to get a streamlined catalog browsing by displaying the product in a a simple popup window with a quick view option on the category page.

Customers don’t have to wait long for products to view details on the product page and it is considered very time-saving and user-friendly to each and every online web store, which speeds up site performance improves the shopping experience and enhance conversion rates effectively.

Magespark has developed Magento 2 Quick View the extension which gives your customer to instantly view all product details and descriptions with a smooth quick view in a pop-up window without loading the current web page of the products. It helps to make the purchase process faster than before and improves high customer shopping experience of your web store.

Our Quick View Magento 2 extension is compatible with any Magento theme and runs smoothly on all mobile devices. Our extension gives your customers to conveniently find the necessary product information, add items to cart, option to select size and colors right from the quick view pop-up window. It consists of all the product information like product image, price, short description, quantity and you can perform actions like add to cart button, add to wishlist, add to compare, and many more.

Want to give your customers an easy, and effective shopping experience while browsing the products page. Magespark Magento 2 Quick View extension will help your customers to see product preview in a stylish pop-up window without leaving the current page quickly and easily.

Magento 2 Quick View
Magento 2 Quick View



Initial Release

Compatible with Magento 2.3.4 Latest Magento version.

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