Magento 2 Order Details on Success Page

Magento 2 Order Details on Success Page

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Magespark built the Magento 2 Order Details Extension to help your customers to read details after successfully placing an order, and also allows them to continue shopping. With Magento 2 Order Details Extension, you can easily & effectively display information related to the order, on the success(thank you) page.

Key Highlights

  • Highly responsive success page
  • Allows the buyer to Reorder, Print, Continue Shopping from the success page
  • Enables you to set custom Thank You Page
  • Display shipping and payment details related to the order on the success page
Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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User-experience is the new tool you can utilize to outrank your competitors. The more comfortable a user feels on your site, the more he will visit it.

Have you ever wondered what your customers might want on the order completion page? Does he want to continue shopping? Or maybe want to quickly go through the order details or maybe print it?

With Magento 2 Order Details Extension by Magespark, you will be able to provide all that to your customers, and more.

The default Magento 2 displays only the order number along with some notices after a customer places an order. But that does not improve user-experience rather makes the customer anxious.

That’s where Magespark stepped in with the customized extension that allows you to improve the user-experience & display all the necessary details related to the order. It creates a win-win situation for both the customers and you. The details give customers a sense of safety and the “Continue Shopping” functionality can help increase sales for you.

Following are the key features that you will get from using Magento 2 Order Details Extension by Magespark:

Display Order Details on Success Page

Magento 2 order details extension by Magespark offers you to customize the success page and display the following order details:

    • Order Number
    • Order Status
    • Shipping Address & Billing Address
    • Shipping Method
    • The Date of Placing The Order
    • Payment Method

Along with these details, the extension allows you to add user-friendly functionalities like:

  • Print Order Details
  • Reorder

Add Custom Texts on Success Page

Another great feature of this extension is that you can add custom texts, above or below, the order details on Success Page. This gives you the opportunity to display any extra message to your customers.


Customized Thank You Message

Wouldn’t it be great to thank your customers for placing an order with you? With Magento 2 order details extension by Magespark you can do that easily! And not just a simple thank you, but you can customize it to display the thank you message as you like.


Continue Shopping Functionality

Another great feature that this extension offers is the “Continue Shopping” functionality. This will allow your customers to not experience a dead block after placing the order but a way to continue shopping. This also improves the chances for you to increase sales on your website.


Increases User-Experience

With recent updates from Google, it is evident that the more user-friendly a website is, the better it will rank in SERP. And Magento 2 order details extension by Magespark helps you improve the user experience on your site by adding custom messages, order details, and continue shopping functionality on the success page.


Following are the highlight features of Magento 2 Order Details Extension by Magespark:


  • Helps you create 100% responsive success page
  • Offers your customers the opportunity to reorder, print, read order details, and more on the Success Page
  • Enables you to display shipment & payment details on the success page
  • Customize Thank You Page to improve user-experience
  • Add custom texts on the success page to display extra information

Why Is Magento 2 Order Details Extension Important?

Make Your Store More User-Friendliness

Adding complete order details, thank you for a message, and custom texts can easily increase the user-experience for customers in your store.

Customize & Improve Content On The Success Page

Why display basic order details like order ID when you can display complete order information? With Magento 2 Order Details Extension by Magespark, you will be able to do just that! Display detailed information about the order, custom texts on the success page & thank you a message, all these things will help you improve the content on the success page.

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