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Magento 2 Infinite Scroll

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Get an amazing functionality with Magespark Magento 2 Infinite Scroll to automatically load the next products when scrolling down the list to view more and more products without losing your current position and get your customers happy with great shopping experience.

Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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You know well that no users like to wait in today's world when browsing the products page on your web store. When users click on the next page to reload the next products and click the next page, again and again, displaying half product loading pages. Users will get more and more irritated and disappointed by clicking the next page, again and again, waiting for another page loading of the new products.

Your web store performance must be flawless to get a great shopping experience for your worldwide customers.

Our Magento 2 Infinite Scroll accelerates your web browsing experience by automatically loading the new products category of the page when users scroll down the products. Our Infinite Scroll extension will help you to improve the performance, user experience, and boost the sales of your web store effectively.

Magento 2 Infinite Product Scroll is also known as the Lazy image scrolling feature for a website. With this extension, you just need to scroll down to view the next products without any more click and more reloading when exploring the next page automatically.

Magespark has designed and developed Magento 2 Infinite Scroll to improve browsing as well as the shopping experience of the customers, smooth and satisfying.

Our extension will allow your customers to move on the next webpage faster than ever before when exploring any products page of your website to load the next page automatically through AJAX.

It provides your customers with a flawless user experience to make them happy and quite satisfied with the features that save time when a user clicks to the next page. It is definitely going to attract your customer with its amazing flexibility to load infinite products quickly and high performance of your Magento 2 web store in no time.

Features you get from Magespark Magento 2 Infinite Scroll

  • Load more and more products automatically.
  • View product details at a time without losing your current position.
  • Easy to place a progress bar in any location of the page.
  • Enhance the conversion rate of your web store.
  • You can easily enable or disable the module from the admin panel.
  • Ability to change button and loading text easily.
  • Ability to load infinite product while scrolling down.
  • Save the time for your customers by implementing AJAX technology.
  • Reduce website friction, improve customer experience, and high performance of your web store.
  • Support multiple stores and languages.
  • Easy to install and configure.

If you want to accelerate your web store browsing experience by automatically loading more and more products when scrolling down the page. Magespark Magento 2 Infinite Product Scroll is the best choice for you. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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