Google AMP for Magento 2

Google AMP for Magento 2

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Accelerate the loading time significantly faster on all mobile and tablet devices, and improve site visibility, user experience, and high conversion rates of your Magento store.

Key Features

  • Instant loading of web pages for mobile users.
  • Improve site visibility in search results.
  • Enhanced search engine rankings.
  • High conversion rates of your eCommerce site
  • Create separate mobile pages for Homepage, Product Pages, Category Pages, and CMS pages, etc.
  • Easy to customize the AMP Pages and CRM Pages by AMP standard widgets.
  • Highly optimized to support the latest Google AMP Technology.
  • Functionality to set the product reviews to visible them on the product AMP pages.
  • Better user experience.
  • Low bounce rate.
Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Meets Magento Standards

Magento 2 AMP Extension is an open-source project from Google, specially designed to load your website significantly faster on all mobile devices. It is an updated version of HTML code that helps every mobile page instantly to load by allowing only some specific elements. With the ability to instant loading of any web pages in a few seconds, you get an opportunity to improve the site visibility in search results, high conversion rates, high traffic, and enhance the overall user experience of your worldwide customers.

Magespark’s Magento 2 AMP Extension is the most powerful tool that will help you to generate and customize the accelerated mobile pages for your Magento 2 store and will let you load your website pages 4 times faster than a regular loading of any web pages. If your web store has low-speed performance on mobile devices and taking more time to load, Magento 2 AMP Extension by Magespark, will help you in reducing the loading time of your website and improve the site speed to load instantly from everywhere on your mobile devices. By using our Magento 2 AMP, you will be able to create attractive and fast mobile pages for Homepage, Product Pages, Category Pages, and CMS Pages and fully optimized to support the latest Google AMP widgets and AMP pages. Moreover, our plugin is well organized with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for easy tracking the performance of the page.


Why Magento 2 AMP Extension is very necessary Extension for your Magento store?


Create AMP Pages for your Magento store

Our Extension will automatically generate fully optimized Google AMP Pages for Homepage, Product Pages, and CMS Pages to instantly load them on your mobile devices and tablets while browsing by your customers. From Google search, the minimum time to load an AMP page should not be more than a second. You can easily configure Magento 2 AMP widgets and edit the AMP pages at the backend. The admin can easily add, edit the homepage, CRM Pages, and web content using AMP widgets from the backend.


Improve Search Engine Optimization by Magento 2 AMP Pages Integrated With Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Magento 2 AMP extension is integrated with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager by virtue of which you can easily track the performance of these AMP pages, user engagement, low bounce rate, and conversion rates efficiently. By using our Magento 2 AMP extension, you will be able to improve the site visibility by displaying Rich Snippets for AMP Product Pages in Google Search results. The AMP pages are marked with a special "lightning bolt" sign and Google can display them anywhere over the entire search results page to display them at the top of the Google search results.


Get 4 times faster Mobile page load by Magento 2 AMP Extension

Magento 2 AMP extension will help you to instantly reduce website bounce rate and improve the performance of your Magento store by automatically generating fully optimized mobile pages for significantly faster loading on all devices. These automatically generated AMP pages are 85% faster in comparison to non-AMP pages cause they are loaded directly from Google AMP Cache. If you are planning to the ultimate loading of your website, our Magento 2 AMP is perfect for you. Magespark’s Magento 2 AMP will help you make your website ultra-fast without losing its quality and functionality. You will be able to load all your mobile pages 4 times faster as compared to non-AMP pages when searched from Google.


Display Built-in Support of Google Rich Snippets for AMP Pages on Google search results

Magento 2 AMP extension allows displaying Rich Snippets for AMP Product Pages on Google Search results and helps you in getting only relevant traffic on your Magento store. The extension will automatically add rich snippets to the Magento 2 AMP pages that are featured with the Google result pages. You can easily showcase product reviews on the AMP product pages to get more potential customers with eye-catching information on price, rating, and review. Later, an ultra-fast loading of AMP pages from your store will surely leave a friendly and impressive user experience.


High user engagement, revenue, and low bounce rate

The chances of low bounce rates are significantly reduced and increased the high user traffic and conversion rates on your Magento site by using Magento 2 AMP developed by Magespark. Our Magento 2 Accelerated Mobile Pages leads to the high performance of your store, high revenue, and great user engagement with the positive shopping experience. By using our Magento 2 AMP, the sales conversions are increased to 25% as compared to the non-AMP pages on your eCommerce store. It is experienced that almost 75% of customers like to buy a product after reading the product reviews. It is easy to display product reviews on AMP pages so you can attract more user engagement and boost the sales of your Magento store.


Easier to style AMP pages by using custom CSS

Our Magento 2 AMP extension allows you to style each and every AMP page by setting custom CSS for each page type at the backend. The most appealing web pages are those who utilize stylish CSS with high-quality content on the eCommerce store. The CSS should be designed to follow the requirement of AMP pages so that it could also be found on the AMP project library quickly.


The Increasing Demand of the AMP Pages In eCommerce Site

In the eCommerce platform, the demand for Magento 2 AMP pages is increasing day by day with the increase of time. It is estimated that more than 30 million websites are using more than 5 billion AMP pages. That’s because Google is taking into consideration to display the AMP pages in its Google search engine results and giving more importance to the leading technology. Thousands of eCommerce sites are taking high advantages of Magento 2 AMP pages, for example, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, and Aliexpress, etc.


Easy to Customize The AMP Pages And CRM Pages By Using 6 AMP standard widgets

6 AMP-standard widgets come along with various features and functionality for product slider, product list, image, video, iframe, and social share. If you do not like to use the sample design, you can easily customize AMP pages and CRM pages as you desire by using AMP standard widgets at the backend. You can add various types of content for the AMP pages such as Homepage, Category Page, and CMS pages, etc. It is easy to add a new Content section of AMP pages from the regular page content editor at the backend.


Search And Subscribe Newsletter Block

Magesparks’ Magento 2 AMP Extension will allow you to enable search and subscribe newsletter block for the site using https. It will appear when the visitors’ intention is to click away from the newsletter and leave the site without adding any products to their cart. It increases the more future chances for the users to visit your site through their subscriptions.


If your eCommerce site has low-speed performance on all mobile devices and takes more time to load, Our Magento 2 AMP Extension, will help you to accelerate loading time, improve the performance of your website and enhance the overall user experience on mobile devices.

Google AMP for Magento 2
Google AMP for Magento 2



Initial Release

Compatible with Magento 2.2.x and 2.3.x.



Initial Release

Compatible with Magento 2.4.X

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