There are a lot of factors to consider while choosing an E-commerce platform, which goes beyond customer acquisition and revenue. Every retailer faces a lot of problems when it comes to E-commerce platforms in terms of SEO, scalability, security, customer retention, and conversion optimization.

With every eCommerce platform upgrade, you will get more features and functionality. The same is true of Shopify Plus. With Shopify Plus you can take advantage of a wide range of enhanced features that make your store stand out.

Let's look at each of the features you get when you upgrade to Shopify Plus one by one. In this blog, we will cover the top 10 features of Shopify Plus and let you know how Shopify differs from Shopify Plus.

Following are the top 10 features of Shopify Plus that increase sales and boost the revenue of your online Shopify store.

Top 10 Features of Shopify Plus you Need to Know in 2021

Script Editing

With Shopify Plus, you can easily edit or update the script as per your unique requirements. To make it easier for you, let’s look at the following example.

If your checkout system can be customized dynamically, you can recalculate the cart total in real-time as a customer changes quantities or sizes. This means that you can customize scripts as you see fit, including the customer fields, the shipping methods, and the payment options.

Replicate Store

It is best to use Shopify Plus if you don't have a replica of your live store and want to make some changes to your scripts, as your Merchant Success Manager can provide you with a replica of your live store! The theme, products, and all other information from your Live Shopify store will be replicated.

Once you have built your script, you can test it there. You can then use the script on the Live store once you've obtained the script that you needed. There is no charge for multiple instances.

Integration Level

With Shopify Plus, you can always integrate your Shopify store with multiple apps to enhance compatibility and functionality. You can also extend Shopify Plus compatibility and integrate the platform with other third-party platforms such as PIM, ERP, 3PL, WMS, etc.

In short, it allows store owners to connect their website with lots of third-party applications to make customer’s buying journey. With the advanced API limit of Shopify Plus, accounting, CRM, and multichannel software can be seamlessly integrated into the store without worrying about exceeding the API limit.

Multiple Stores

If the retailer wishes to sell products to international markets diversified, Shopify Plus is the most perfect eCommerce platform. With Shopify Plus, you will get a multi-store feature that allows merchants to have up to 10 stores without paying additional fees.

By doing so, the site can handle multiple languages, currencies, and locations of different regions. Therefore, you can expand your brand presence across the world.

Hire Shopify Plus Experts

Hire Dedicated Shopify Plus Experts to create an amazing and powerful Shopify store for your business


With Shopify Plus, you get unlimited bandwidth, scalable SaaS hosting, and high-quality customer support service for your online store. It can handle up to 4 million hits per second. You will be able to place orders at 8000 per minute, so even during the festival, your store will be live. Furthermore, it provides customers with 200TB of storage capacity.

Cutting-Edge Security

The Shopify Plus plan includes a site-wide compliance SSL certificate with Level 1 PCI DSS. Every order is subject to risk assessment, data protection, as it redirects traffic from HTTP to encrypted HTTPS. Having an SSL certificate makes a site more trustworthy.

The familiar websites with EV SSL certificates are the ones in which customers conduct business. This is one of the greatest benefits of upgrading Shopify to Shopify Plus. The website is more likely to gain the trust of customers and get more traffic.

Wholesale Management

The Shopify Plus wholesale channel is the perfect fit for retailers or merchants who want to sell wholesale as well.
With this method of wholesale expansion, a merchant can establish a storefront separate from an online store that expands the operation in the wholesale sector. By using this channel, merchants can streamline their invoicing and operation processes while allowing them to work with clients of all sizes.

Store Customization

With Shopify, you can customize its ready-to-use themes according to your business requirements. Shopify Plus allows users to customize their online stores to a greater extent. CSS and JavaScript can be utilized to customize the checkout experience, enabling conversion optimization techniques to be optimized. Stores need something unique to differentiate themselves, and this fills that need.

Dedicated Success Manager

When you upgrade to Shopify Plus, you will get a dedicated success manager to help you launch your store smoothly and successfully. In addition to this, you get much support and help with basic Shopify questions, as well as introduce you to the features of payment gateways, apps, checkout pages, and more for boosting sales.

Automated Campaigns and Workflows

You can save valuable time with Shopify Plus by automating the basic tasks rather than doing them manually. This allows the merchant to create fully customized back-end workflows, improving the efficiency and organization of his business. You can automate a workflow with triggers, actions, and conditions.

To Sum Up

Thus, Shopify Plus provides a lot of unparalleled features that make your Shopify store successful. From Script editing, multiple stores, and capabilities to wholesale management, Shopify Plus makes it easy to manage and run a business to the international marketplace. Shopify Plus is much more than just an eCommerce platform that lets you create amazing experiences for your customers. Planning to build a modern and secure eCommerce store with Shopify, get in touch with our Shopify experts today.