Magento 2 Promotion Bar

Magento 2 Promotion Bar

Magento 2 Promotion Bar by Magespark, allows the store owners to display eye-catchy promotions and notifications bar at the top of your Magento store. It helps to increase the sales of your business by encouraging customers to purchase more products from your store efficiently.

Key Features

  • Ability to display the promotions bar at any page of your Magento store
  • Options to select single or multiple slides for each notification bar in a slider
  • Easy to design the promotions bar at the Magento 2 backend
  • Auto display promotions and notifications bar by conditions
  • Functionality to see a preview of what you have edited
  • Ability to display slider or promotions bar separately on your store
  • Target Promotion bar to customer groups and store views.
  • Ability to set a specified date and time to display and expire the promotion bar accordingly
  • Compatible with all devices
Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

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In today’s eCommerce world, every store owner wants to create impressive promotions and notification bars to display them on their web store so that they could easily catch-an-eye of their customers, promote the products, and encourage them for purchasing more products from them in the most effective way. But that’s not so easy to do this job easily. You face many problems while creating all these promos, campaigns, and notifications bar to display them on your website.

To overcome these limitations, Magespark has designed the Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension that will help you easily create eye-catchy promotions, notifications bar, and various sales campaigns to display them on any page of your web store more effectively. By using our extension, you can keep updating your customers with every news and updates about the running promos and sales campaigns on your web store easily and quickly.


Following are the important highlight features of Magespark’s Magento 2 Promotion Bar:


Easy to add multiple slides for your promotion bar

This extension allows the store admin to add the multiple slides for your promotions bar at the backend effectively. It gives store owners to deliver more content in a limited space, add unlimited slides to the promotion bar, and content to display them on your website in the most effective way. The admin can easily set the time between slides and stop the transition automatically when customers hover on the promotion bar.


Easier to add the button on your promotion bars

Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension by Magespark allows the admin to easily design the button of his choice and add it to the promotion bars on your website. The admin can easily select the height, width, text, and color of the button with the ability of WYSIWYG editor at the Magento backend. The admin can decide the style, radius, weight, and color of the border for the selected button easily and quickly.


Easier to change the appearance of the promo bars

Magento 2 Promotion Bar is fully integrated with Magento 2 and it is easier to customize the look and sizes of the promo bar to display on your Magento store. The admin can easily design and upload the images for changing the background color of the promo bar and customize the height of the bar effectively. You can easily set the time for displaying the promo bar once the page is loaded and disappear the promo bar after a specified time limit. Our extension helps the admin to easily manage the extension and set the promo bars on their web store according to them.


Auto-display promo bars by conditions

Magento 2 Promotion Bar allows the admin to auto show the promo bars by choosing the conditions from the Magento backend. Depending on the conditions, the admin can decide which promo bar should be shown.

For example, if the shopping cart has items that belong to the Men’s shoes, the promo bar will be displayed as 60% off for Men’s shoes on your web store. The admin can also create the promo bars for each product category depending on the conditions you choose to display them on your eCommerce store from the backend.


Functionality to display promo bars or slider separately

Magento 2 Promotion Bar by Magespark allows you to display multiple promo bars at the same place on your website effectively. The promo bars can be displayed and managed at the same position vertically in a separate bar. The promo bars will be displayed in turn view and managed in the same position using the fade effect to change the bars. You can display the promo bars in two different ways as Slider or Separate based on the setting you make. The admin can easily select the number of promo bars, store themes to display them on your web pages effectively.


Show the promo banners on any page of your store

Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension by Magespark gives you the functionality to display the promo banners at any page of your web store. This module allows the store admin to offer the promotion bars visible on the Home Page, Product Page, Category Page, Checkout Page, Shopping Cart Page, and other pages so your customer can instantly see the promotion bars when they click on any product page while browsing on your Magento store.


High user engagement with great response time on mobile devices

Magespark’s Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension helps the store owner to provide better features and functionality of displaying eye-catchy promotions and notification bars while browsing them on their mobile and tablet devices instantly. This module increases the chances of attracting more customers with high user engagement and enhance the sales of your business more effectively.


Design the promo bar using WYSIWYG editor

Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension provides the admin WYSIWYG editor to create, add, and edit content to your promo bar in a more efficient way. It enables the admin to customize the colors, message, fonts, and many other things to create impressive promotion bars that best fit with every need and requirement of an elegant website. of the look and feel of your website. It comes with simple settings where the admin with less knowledge of coding can easily customize the content, style, font, etc directly from the admin panel. Magento 2 Promotion Bar by Magespark offers various ways to choose the content and display them on the promo bars in your Magento store efficiently. The admin can also add the images to make the promotion bar more impressive while displaying them in your store. With WYSIWYG editor, the admin can easily customize the Text color, Text styles, Fonts, Text alignment, Add hyperlinks, Images, Gifts, etc.

Magento 2 Promotion Bar
Magento 2 Promotion Bar
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