Magento 2 Guest to Customer

Magento 2 Guest to Customer

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The extension “Magento 2 Guest to customer” allows the system to create a new account for an unregistered customer trying to checkout. with the intelligent order saving function of emails, the functionality of the extension Magento 2 Guest to Customer helps website administrators handle guest visitors more effectively.

Key Features

  • It Creates accounts for Magento 2 guest checkout users automatically after checkout; or
  • As needed, manually convert and manage guest users in the grid.
  • Informs visitor users automatically through email about the account creation.
  • Saves previous orders under the same email address of newly created accounts.
  • It is now easier for users to register at the Magento 2 store.
  • Increase the number of users registered at your store in your marketing database.
Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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When customers choose to buy products from your online store, signing up for an account seems like a barrier to them, and such barriers annoy your customers and sometimes it can even drive away your customers. A survey by Baymard Institute in 2017 found that 37% of US adults abandoned their carts just because they were asked to create an account. And if we talk about the current year, it is still correct to say that a huge number of customers prefer Guest checkout over registering an account.

MageSpark has developed an extension for that! Now, it is not required to pause the checkout process by asking them “Do Login/Register”. MageSpark’s Magento extension “Guest to Customer” allows your customer to checkout as a guest, without registration, which can help you convert your potential customers/visitors into customers. This simply implies that companies are not required to preserve any information submitted by customers throughout the checkout process.

The main benefit of using the extension “Guest To Customer” is that Guest Checkout removes the barrier of Registration, it impacts even more as it offers the solution that the company can not preserve any data of the customer. therefore, for those customers who are not comfortable with sharing their personal information, it is a great offering. So, Guest to Customer Extension can help you increase your conversion rate to a great extent.


Is it required to have a Guest Checkout Option?

The number of online accounts in our names is growing in sync with the number of eCommerce shops that are coming online. It appears that it is difficult to buy items online without first signing up.' Add to that, the sign-up procedure is never simple, and remembering the passwords for each platform is exhausting!

Customers have new account creation anxiety, and they will not establish one unless it is really essential or there is an obvious advantage to doing so.

Furthermore, if anyone is purchasing on a site for the first time, they would be hesitant to save their information on the site. As trust has yet to be established, they don't want to hurry into putting payment information in the store's database.

Forcing customers to create a store account before proceeding to the checkout page might also reduce conversion rates. Furthermore, forcing your clients to pause their buying experience in order to fill out a form does not make the shopping experience engaging for the customers. Once the customer has decided to buy, you should make the checkout procedure as simple as possible.


How Does The Extension Work?

The extension is configured by the administrator to convert guests to customers whether manually or automatically. Customers who have been automatically converted can be assigned to customer groups by the administrator. Once converted, the orders are allocated to the customers with the same checkout Email, and the consumers are notified of the account creation by email.

The admin may handle all of the visitors from a different grid in the backend, selecting and assigning them to a customer group in bulk. When visitors are converted to customers, all data in the "Customers" grid is updated.


Guest to Customer Magento 2 Extension


When a consumer attempts to make an order using the guest checkout from the frontend, the extension either automatically converts the visitor to a customer or uploads the guest user's data to the backend grid for the admin to manually convert him to a customer.


Guest to Customer Magento 2 Extension


They receive an email message once their guests are automatically converted to customers. As a result, the extension makes it simple for the administrator to convert guest users to customers. It also saves users time from manually signing in and filling out long registration forms.


Guest to Customer Magento 2 Extension


Benefits of Guest Checkout


Faster 1st Purchases:

The primary advantage of guest checkout is a speedier checkout experience. The lack of a requirement to create a user account speeds up the purchasing procedure, increasing the conversion rate. This has the impact of creating guest checkout excellent for one-time or curious customers since they just need to enter the basic minimum of information in order for their purchase to be successful. This helps consumers convert faster because they are not forced to create store accounts.

Less Cart abandonment:

Asking customers to create/register an account at the time of checkout, can lead them to abandon the cart, which can lead your conversion rates down, too! And for that, MageSpark’s Guest 2 Customer Magento 2 Extension can be helpful, as it allows customers to checkout faster without any interruptions. And helps your Magento store improve its Cart Abandonment Rate.

Reduced Level of Commitment:

Because many online buyers are hesitant to trust retailers with their personal information, offering a guest checkout option is a useful solution because the quick process equals a better possibility of conversion. Allowing visitors to use a guest checkout option reduces cart abandonment by catering to users who do not want to establish a saved account in the first place.

Overall, guest checkouts simplify the process for customers and allow them to grab what they want faster.


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Magento 2 Guest to Customer



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