Magento Cookie Notice

Magento Cookie Notice

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Magento Cookie Notice allows your Magento store to fully comply with the cookie policy to display cookie notification in the popup window to accept the cookie used by your website.

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What are Cookies?

Cookies have become an essential part of advanced web browsing experience. They make it possible for the websites we visit most to keep a record of our preference without forcing us to log in each time and allow the sites to remember them and enable online stores to keep track of the items we select in our shopping cart. Cookies are nothing more than a simple text file which is often used to implement to reduce the memory of your computer system to enhance customer experiences effectively.

What is EU's Cookie Compliance?

In 2011, the EU’s Cookie law introduced to modify the cookie policy to every website owner to ask for the visitor’s consent before obtaining their personal information. If you are in Europe and host a website that uses cookies then you are required to tell your visitors that you're using cookies. You need to tell the users about cookies being used by your website and get their agreement before you place cookies on their device.

Magespark has developed Magento 2 GDPR extension which will help you to comply with your Magento store with EU’s cookie policy to perform Magento cookie law in a notification bar or popup in store frontend.

Our Magento Cookie Notice allows your store owner to display cookie consent notification in store frontend to notify the visitor regarding the EU’s GDPR Cookie policy using by your website and must be agreed to store privacy policy before taking any action.

Our Cookie Notice extension is designed user-friendly and fully customized according to store theme. Our extension comes along with the functionality to change the text color, alignment, background color, and the position of the cookie notification bar or popup text message to display and it enables you to add style CSS from the backend.

Want to make your store fully comply with EU’s GDPR Cookie policy notification message in the bar or popup on your Magento website to accept your user's consent before using cookies on your website to improve the browsing experience.

Benefits of choosing Magespark Magento Cookie Notice:

  • Option for notice display type from the popup or bar notification.
  • Ability to select the bar or popup notification from admin.
  • Our Magento Cookie policy enables you to set the following events to display when the users close the cookie notice:
  • Never show again
  • Hide for the rest of the day
  • Hide for the rest of the session
  • Easy to hide cookie notice bar or popup after a particular time period automatically.
  • You can redirect the users to the selected privacy policy page to read more about cookies uses on your website.
  • Option to customize text, alignment, text color, background color, font type, and position of the cookie notice bar or popup in store frontend.
  • Easy to customize cookie consent message.
  • Ability to set the custom text to accept, close and privacy policy buttons on the cookie notice.
  • Option to expire the cookie agreement after some specific days.
  • Our Magento 2 GDPR Extension allows you to accept cookies within a short time.

Looking to integrate Magento Cookie Notice to make your Magento store fully comply with the EU’s GDPR Policy, Magespark is the right platform for you. Feel free to contact us at any time!

Magento 2 Cookie Notice
Magento 2 Cookie Notice



Initial Release

Compatible with Magento 2.3.4 Latest Magento version.

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