Do you know that Amazon eCommerce sales reached $258.22 billion in US retail sales in 2018? Amazon is continuously growing and expanding its business to the global market with an aim to take it to new heights in the field of eCommerce. You have been seeing the success of fast-growing companies like Amazon and eBay since your childhood and you really inspired by them and plan to start your own eCommerce business so you can get success ahead in the future as Amazon and eBay made in the field of eCommerce.

You go for developing your eCommerce website from the world-leading eCommerce Magento development company that has expertise in building the best website which makes it out of the mark to start the marketing of your business online. Within a couple of months, you get your eCommerce website developed by them and your website is launched and ready to work.

You start getting high traffic of visitors after a few days of development on your newly made e-commerce web store. But the visitors you are getting on your eCommerce website are not doing any shopping or they are just wandering to and from or discarded from the cart after spending a couple of minutes or simply scrolling some products on your eCommerce web pages that result in negative customer experience and leads to the low conversion rate on your eCommerce website. That’s because visitors do not like what they see when browsing on your site or they can't find the information they desire.

You keep busy improving your checkout process and cart process by thinking that it will increase the conversion rate on your web store, but that’s not so simple to get a high conversion rate this way. This is because the product pages are not optimized for a better conversion rate on your web store and this is the only reason you are struggling to boost conversion on your eCommerce product page.


If your eCommerce website has a low conversion rate on the product page and you want to boost the conversion, Magespark is the best Magento platform for you. Here in this blog, I would let you know about seven effective ways by which you optimize your eCommerce product page to boost high conversions.


1. Provide detailed product content

A great eCommerce product page should have high-level product information away from the product images because product content lets your customers know about the benefits and features of a product to convince them to buy from you.

It is experienced that 90% of customers check details and product content before buying them online. Below are the points that you should have on your product page:

  • ● Related product title
  • ● Short and sweet product detailed content
  • ● Specifications and features of the product
  • ● Product’s size, dimensions, and capacity
  • ● Brand Information
  • ● Price

Keep in mind that you write informative, engaging, and important features in your product descriptions so your customers know why should they buy from you. Keep your product details and descriptions short and sweet by doing so your website will get higher rank and more shoppers for more purchasing of products from your web store easily.
All the content and information on your product page should be relevant, helpful, and easy to understand for your customers.


2. Use Impressive Product image

Do you know that impressive product photos on your product page can help your users make their first mark on your product? Customers decide whether they should buy this product or not when keep looking at the image you have used on the product page. We would recommend you to use the best and high-quality images on your eCommerce product page. There are lots of websites that always prefer to use a light-colored background for showing product photos. It is considered that around 33% of customers prefer to see multiple photos of a product before buying them online.


3. Clear Call-to-Action

A clear call to action is another important factor that can help you boost the conversion rate on your eCommerce product pages. Your product page should have each and every feature with a clear call-to-action.
It is very important to have a clear call to action on your product page which lets your customers shop more products from you. Make sure you use a proper color combination on Add to Cart, Shop Now, and Buy Now button that makes your product page highly visible and even more elegant.


4. Customer Reviews and Ratings

It is experienced that customer reviews and ratings build the trust of customers on the products and ensure that they are buying the best and highly rated products on your web store. This way you get an opportunity to increase conversion rate by building the trust of customers on your product page so they can clear their doubts and help them to make a purchase decision from your website.


Most of the customers prefer to check whole reviews and ratings of products before purchasing them online which ensures that if it is the same products they are looking for. You should let your customers review your products by sending them an email or notification of post-purchase to ask for a review.
You can also perform this action by simply asking them to leave a quick rating out of five that’s because many customers do not have much time for writing reviews and allow them to send their feedback. This way you can get a golden opportunity to improve customer experience and positive shopping experience on your web store.


5. Integrate Live Chat Functionality

If you have integrated live chat functionality in your web store, your customers have an extra opportunity to ask a question in case if they couldn’t find exactly what they are looking for in the products instead of wandering to and from on your web store. This way you can clear their confusion having in their mind and stop them from leaving your website. Keep in mind that you use a customer-friendly live chat functionality so they do not need to wait long to get the response from your live chat agent and stop them from leaving your website.


6. Mobile Friendly

Make sure that each and every piece of information you mention on your eCommerce product page should be mobile friendly so that all your customers can get the same details in their mobile device as they see in desktop view.
If your product page is not optimized with these features, you are definitely going to decrease the conversion rate on your eCommerce product page that’s because customers doing more and more shopping through mobile devices in comparison to other resources. If you are having a mobile-friendly product page, your web store can get high user experience, performance, scalability, and best shopping experience which enables them to shop from anywhere using their mobile devices.


7. Send Reminder to your customers

If your customers have discarded the shopping cart while browsing on the product pages then sending a reminder to your customers can be a benefit to bring them back on your web store and convince them to shop from you.
Here are the things we will let you know and understand why visitor discards the shopping cart?
When you come to know why the customer had discarded the shopping cart, send them a gentle reminder to bring them back so that they could find more relevant products ever before and inspire them to make a purchase from your web store. We have mentioned a few points which can be the reason for discarding the visitors from the shopping cart on your web store.


  • ● Lack of desired payment option
  • ● Complicated checkout process
  • ● Forcing them to sign up
  • ● Security concerns
  • ● Unexpected costs


If you want to increase the conversion rate on your eCommerce product page, keep in mind all these points mentioned above to get high potential customers and better shopping experience on your web store. This way you can help improve conversions and encourage your customers to make more purchases again from your website.

How do you improve the conversion rate to boost your eCommerce product page? Please share them in the comments below.