BigCommerce Store Migration

BigCommerce Store Migration

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We provide flawless BigCommerce services, ensuring complete and smooth migration of your e-store to BigCommerce, along with its products, orders, customer data, content, etc. Our seamless BigCommerce migration services are reliable and cost-effective.

  • Shopping Cart Migration
  • Product data migration
  • Order data Migration
  • Module Migration
  • Dedicated Support


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Sometimes, it can be difficult to migrate your website from any e-commerce platform to BigCommerce. As it requires careful attention to customer details, sales, orders, and content, and as well as technical expertise to take the migration process seamlessly. BigCommerce Migration must be done very carefully in order to avoid affecting your store's data and ranking.

We, at Magespark, offer seamless BigCommerce migration services, ensuring complete migration of all your website data, orders, content, and customers without any hassle. We can help with migrating your store on BigCommerce from a leading eCommerce platform including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware, and others without any data loss.

We can reduce your workload and effort by 6x, regardless of whether you manage a big brand or a small business with our BigCommerce migration services. Our BigCommerce migration service guarantees you that you won’t lose any single feature, data, and quality of your website.

Do you want to take your business to the next level of success to grow more exponentially? Hire our dedicated BigCommerce developers to get seamless BigCommerce services for your business at the most affordable prices. Don’t be shy to contact us to see how we can help grow your business more effectively.

12 reasons to choose BigCommerce for Your eCommerce Business

The BigCommerce platform's SaaS functionalities enable every seller to spend more time on business expansion activities and less time on running their eCommerce site. BigCommerce provides limitless connectivity and flash speeds, all of which are implemented and managed without any coding on your part. Merchants may now relax and concentrate on expanding their business.

  • Ideal for all kinds of businesses
  • SEO friendly for high rankings on Search Engine
  • A Platform with a Broad Collection of Apps
  • Built-in Tools to Help Ad Campaigns
  • Constant  Customer Service
  • High-level security and PCI compliance at Level 1
  • High Accessibility to Modify Any Part of the Website
  • Incredibly Active and Valuable Community Support
  • Offers physical, digital, and service-based products for sale.  
  • Multimedia Sales from BackEnd
  • Flexible to Facilitate Your Business's Expansion
  • Hosted eCommerce Platfor

    Why Choose MageSpark for Migrating to BigCommerce?

    MageSpark has a proven past experience in offering cutting-edge BigCommerce Migration Services. Our team of highly Experienced BigCommerce Developers has handled challenging migration projects for clients from various industries all around the globe. Before beginning the Migration process, MageSpark considers, documents, plans, and prepares for every aspect of your eCommerce operation.

    MageSpark's BigCommerce Migration Service is the most convenient and safe approach to Migrating from BigCommerce. Our BigCommerce Developers will Migrate the eCommerce data to the BigCommerce shop in a simple, safe, and timely manner. We offer the finest seamless transfer solution with no effect on your Search Engine Rankings. In addition, we verify that no sensitive data is damaged or missing during the migration process.

    • No-hassle migration to BigCommerce
    • Experience with Sophisticated Migration Projects
    • 24/7 Productive Communication
    • Add Modern Tools and Functionality
    • Systemic Planning, Management, and Assessment
    • Professionals in BigCommerce Migration
    • proficiency in B2B and B2C
    • Migration Procedures That Save Time
    • A Devoted Team of Professional
    • Budget-friendly and Fair Services

      Migrate and save all current content from the original store to the new store. All entities and associated links are kept in their present state. Items, orders, feedback, consumers, images, blogs, and much more are examples of Entity. Migrate without causing any downtime, errors, or interruptions to your original store. MageSpark is the best option to Migrate your eCommerce store.

      Our BigCommerce Migration Services Include:

      During the Migration process, MageSpark's BigCommerce Developers maintain 99.99 percent availability. Furthermore, there will be no information or functionality loss, as well as no effect on website traffic, while experts precisely transfer the whole data, pixel-perfect store layout, and codes to the targeted BigCommerce store. Businesses can continue to use their own platform till the launching date.

      Relationship among Data

      Without a single glitch, Migrate to BigCommerce. MageSpark's BigCommerce Developers are experts in migrating your complete data collection without data loss or corruption. once the migration is done, we verify for duplicates, data security, correctness, and that all entity relationships are appropriately preserved.

      Migration with No Loss

      MageSpark's BigCommerce Developers guarantee that the entire migration procedure is conducted properly. Without any information leakage, BigCommerce Developers will migrate all data from the original store to the target BigCommerce store. Our migration professionals will verify that all data is transferred properly and precisely to the BigCommerce store.


      MageSpark's BigCommerce Migration Experts can help you securely migrate all of your items, selections, categories, and such to your new BigCommerce store. Regardless of the size of your inventory, the professionals will import your whole catalog, retaining total consistency and maintaining all product configurations in the targeted store.

      Program of Reward

      MageSpark's BigCommerce Migration Experts additionally transfer the reward program to the destination shop. The Customer Reward points will be transferred from the original store to BigCommerce. The number of points collected against each shopper's account, redeemed rewards, point value, and point expiry date are all sent to BigCommerce. We have the flexibility to transfer the whole reward program structure to BigCommerce.

      Upgraded Integrations

      If you are about to move to a new store, now is a perfect moment to consider including new features and functions that enhance customer experience and make backend procedures easier to manage. Custom integrations for your BigCommerce shop can help you streamline your company processes. Integrate third-party CRMs, ERPs, shipping suppliers, and other systems.

      Theme Migration

      If you enjoy the visuals, style, and overall structure of your original theme, we can help you keep it in your BigCommerce store. Our migration professionals, in collaboration with our talented designers, can make it happen. We can duplicate the theme and make it BigCommerce compatible. Our professional designers can also modify the theme or develop an equivalent one from scratch.

      FAQs of BigCommerce Store Migration Services

      Yes, we provide 90-days of free support for the BigCommerce Migration Service. To assist you with maintaining better web performance. We can solve any Bugs or any small issues to boost productivity in this 90-days support period.

      After the support period is over you can choose to have our 24/7 experts support by paying a little amount of money. We are always available to give you long-term support.

      The cost of Migration to BigCommerce completely depends upon the work involved in it. Normally, we first check your existing website, database size, installed apps and plugins, and other custom work.

      Later, we separate each task into different milestones and then quote an estimated time and cost involved. We are always been transparent with our clients. We have more than 100+ long-term clients with faith in us.

      We ensure 99.9% uptime throughout the BigCommerce Migration Process, which implies minimum downtime. We also offer adjustable working time, so you can inform us of your site's low load hours when it generates less web traffic. We may arrange the migration procedure at that time, causing less disruption to the user experience.

      Many websites have been successfully developed by MageSpark (eCommerce development. Migration, App development, and more). To this day, we are recognized for delivering world-class services with no margin for error. When it comes to moving to a new server, our specialists stay organized and create a comprehensive website backup.

      & if the migration is ineffective, we can quickly reverse the changes. As a consequence, you can fully rely on MageSpark's BigCommerce migration services.