Magento is widely famous for its robustness, scalability and flexibility for an online eCommerce business. It comes with powerful marketing, search engine optimization, catalog-management tools, and gives you complete control over your omnichannel.

To make your store stand out in the market, you need to optimize your store with all common practices to make it easy for your customers. And there are some features that are not available by default in Magento and that’s where Magento extension comes into play.

A lot of Magento extensions are available in the market, so choosing the right ones for your online e-commerce store matters most. We have come up with the top 7 free and paid Magento 2 extensions that you must have for your store.

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1. Magento 2 Add Multiple Products to Cart

Magespark’s Magento 2 Add Multiple Products to Cart extension lets the wholesale and B2B customers add multiple products to their shopping cart at a time without redirecting to the product page individually.

This Magento 2 extension works best to enhance sales and improve user experience more effectively. Using Magento 2 Add Multiple Products to Cart extension for your store is a great way to save customers’ time and impress them by letting them add multiple products with a simple click.


Key Features:

  • Add various products to the cart at once.
  • Enhanced shopping cart experience.
  • Improved sales of your online store.
  • Great store performance.
  • Bulk orders are supported ( i.e. Checkbox, Quantity box, and “Add To Cart” button.
  • Perfect fit for B2B and wholesale customers.

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2. Magento 2 Checkout Custom Fields

If you are managing your store on your own, then Magento 2 Checkout Custom Fields extension by Magespark is specially designed for you. You can add various custom fields with multiple options to the checkout page. This extension works to collect customers' order data quickly and let them complete their checkout process conveniently.

Try out the Magento 2 Checkout Custom Fields extension today for your store and see how it helps to save your time and makes checkout easier.


Key Features:

  • Add various custom fields to the checkout page.
  • Options to display custom fields in order grid and order detail page.
  • Include custom fields in emails and printable HTML documents in PDF form.
  • Show checkout for a certain store view.
  • Custom fields work best for all devices.
  • Show checkout custom fields in order attributes.
  • Easy to edit and customize the custom fields.

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3. Magento 2 Customers Also Bought/ Also Viewed

Magespark’s extension Magento 2 Customers Also Bought/ Also Viewed, allows you to automatically display the most suggested products already viewed or purchased by customers. This extension displays the more relevant items based on customers’ buying behavior and helps them find the best products quickly.

It gives a personalized shopping experience to customers and encourages them to purchase the best-suited products also bought and also viewed by other customers.


Key Features:

  • Show suggested items based on customers’ browsing history.
  • Automatically show “Also Bought” and “Also Viewed” products when set up.
  • Show suggestions on the cart page, product page, and category page.
  • Product recommendations; Most Relevant Products, Also Bought, and Also Viewed products.
  • The functionality of suggested related products to the current products that customers have been browsing
  • Options to set limits to show a number of products.

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4. Magento 2 Admin Action Log

Magento 2 Admin Action Log extension developed by Magespark allows the store admin to track all admin user logged-in activities and keep your store secure from suspicious incidents.

This extension helps to protect your store and provides clear visibility on all admin login activities in the admin panel. If you are a non-technical person and running an online eCommerce store, then this extension by Magespark is specially designed for you.


Key Features:

  • Track admin users’ mass actions such as modify, create, cancel or delete a specific product, category or order.
  • Track all changes made in sales, orders, shipping, credit memos, etc.
  • Track admin user login attempts whether failed or successful.
  • Full control over the incorrect or wrong actions.
  • Track all logs detail information for all login or logout attempts such as User Name, IP Address, Browser, Device, Date & Time, etc.

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5. Magento 2 Auto Cancel Order

Magespark is a leading Magento development agency best known for delivering high-end Magento 2 extensions & Magento 2 themes that empower businesses online.

Magento 2 Auto Cancel Order by Magespark lets you automatically cancel an order with pending order or pending payment status after a certain period.

This extension works best for your online store and helps to cancel orders that remain pending due to some technical issues or payment processes.


Key Features:

  • Cancel the order with pending order status after a specific time automatically.
  • Options to set a specific time for the cancellation with pending payment status.
  • Products are restored when done with auto-cancellation.
  • Cancel the email order for the store admin and customers.

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6. Google AMP for Magento 2

Since it started, Magespark has been focusing on improving user experience to facilitate online shopping. Google AMP for Magento 2 extension developed by Magespark lets you accelerate the loading time of your online shop significantly faster across mobile and tablets.
This module works to enhance user experience, site visibility, and conversion rates to boost sales. Be it a small business or a large eCommerce brand, Magespark’s Google AMP for Magento is the right fit for your online business.


Key Features:

  • Enhance loading time of web pages for mobile devices.
  • Improve site visibility and rankings.
  • Improved conversion rates.
  • Reduce bounce rates.
  • Optimized with the latest Google AMP Technology.
  • Customize the AMP/CRM Pages using AMP standard widgets.
  • Options to build separate pages like Homepage, Product Pages, Category Pages, and CMS pages for mobile.

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7. Magento 2 Advance Review

Magento 2 Advanced Review extension is the most useful extension that you should use for your online eCommerce store. Magespark’s Magento 2 Advanced Review extension allows you to create a powerful product review and rating functionality for your Magento store and helps the customers leave their reviews and ratings easily.
This extension helps to build trust in customers and encourages new customers to make their purchase decisions after seeing product reviews.


Key Features:

  • Enhance review & rating functionality of your product with custom rating values like product price, durability, quality, etc.
  • Options to restrict the review access from the admin.
  • Options to vote for the reviews with a simple click on the like or dislike buttons.
  • Improve advanced product review systems by displaying the rating ratio in chart form.
  • Options to upload product images or videos while leaving their reviews.

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Taking Away

Thus, all the above listed Magento 2 extensions are must-have extensions that you should use for your online Magento eCommerce store. There are many other Magento 2 extensions developed by Magespark's dedicated Magento Commerce developers. If you need any custom Magento 2 extension or want to build or customize new Magento extensions to meet your specific business needs, get in touch with our experts. 

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