The world is transitioning to digitalization, and you should, too! Because no one has time to go shopping in person, and the internet shopping craze is widespread, So now may be a good time to give your business an online presence.

Shopify was started in 2006 by Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake, and it has since become a favorite of millions of people. According to recent data, Shopify handled $79.5 billion in order value last year, and the Shopify App Store comprises over 7000 apps. In 2020, there were 457 million purchasers. Moreover, Companies such as Pepsi, Nestle, and Budweiser, and musicians and entrepreneurs such as Kanye West, Eminem, and Justin Bieber use Shopify. According to these data, Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms.

Creating a Shopify store is vital, but maintaining it is even more critical. To get the most out of Shopify's exclusive features, business owners need to Hire a skilled Shopify Developer. In this article, we will go over the Top 10 Things to Consider Before Hiring A Shopify Developer.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Shopify Developer:

1. How much experience do they have?

This may sound obvious to you, but believe experts when they suggest that your following discussions will be dependent on this reaction. Consider having a newbie handle your project requirements, especially if your company has over 2,000 products. It's just as difficult to optimise an eCommerce store as it is to build one. This is because there will be hundreds of photos, payment gateways, checkout choices, SEO, and a million other things to think about. You'll need the help of an experienced Shopify Developer for setup and configuration.

It's possible that you'll need to move critical data from your old eCommerce site to a new one. Data integration and migration are two of the most crucial duties of any eCommerce platform, including Shopify, and a developer must be proficient in both.

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2. Do they understand Shopify APIs?

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, allow professional Shopify developers to convert a simple website into a full-fledged e-commerce store.

There are a plethora of Shopify APIs accessible to address a wide range of business concerns. For instance, the Storefront API enables developers to personalize buying experiences. The Marketing Events API, on the other hand, will allow developers to create numerous marketing events, such as events triggered during email marketing campaigns.

A Shopify developer will not provide you with the value you desire unless they have extensive understanding and experience with these APIs. Make a list of the Shopify APIs on the official API guidelines website. There's no need to be too technical here. Make a list of the APIs on the site and then click the links to learn more about them.

Then, while speaking with a Shopify Developer, ask about the API guidelines you've chosen. If you feel the developer's knowledge of APIs is insufficient, continue your search.

Make a list of the Shopify APIs on the official API guidelines website. There's no need to be too technical here. Make a list of the APIs on the site and then click the links to learn more about them.

Then, while speaking with a Shopify Developer, ask about the API guidelines you've chosen. If you feel the developer's knowledge of APIs is insufficient, continue your search.

Confidence in replies and answers, on the other hand, shows that the developer is experienced about the issue and that you can rely on them.

3. Will they continue supporting and maintaining the project after it is operational?

Support and maintenance are included in Shopify development services long after an online store has gone LIVE. It's best to seek information on the developer's website.

Some businesses may provide free assistance and maintenance for a short time. Others may start charging fees during the 1st day of deployment. A post-launch service is necessary in all cases.

4. What project management and communication tools do they use?

This question suggests that you should always ask the right questions before hiring Shopify developers.

Since there are various Project Management and Communication tools available, your developers may be using Proofhub when you are using Slack. Ask advance whether they are willing to modify your preferred instruments.

You'll need a clear channel of communication because your participation and input will affect the final result.

5. Do they have the ability to optimize Shopify stores for mobile devices?

According to estimates, the global population of mobile phone users will reach 7.33 billion by 2023. A large percentage of this population prefers mobile shopping. There are a few things to keep in mind as mobile commerce grows if you want your online business to be truly mobile-friendly.

It's critical to find out about your chosen Shopify developer's experience with mobile devices. Inquire about how the final product is tested by them. What platforms and devices do they use to give the greatest mobile experience possible for their customers?

Remember that digital gadgets alone would not offer you the greatest advantage. Since you can only see how some features operate on actual smartphones and tablets, your Shopify store must be run on physical devices.

6. Do they provide bug fixing and minor updates?

Nobody likes to make unpaid adjustments. When a Shopify developer fails to include bug fixes or small modifications in their bundle, it shows that they aren't talented or experienced enough to complete a project right the first time.

Minor updates are important for you, the client since they allow you to make minor changes to your project without incurring any costs. Updates may have little to do with the overall quality of the job. Sometimes all you need to do is adjust the wording on a button's call-to-action.

Of course, there must be a limit. A round or two of minor updates is common. However, the developer's unwillingness to give any small alterations suggests that he expects you to pay for each aesthetic update as if it were a completely new order.

7. Do they provide prompt services for urgent projects?

In a fast-paced, high-dynamic business environment, time is money, no matter how corny that phrase may sound. You may be completing a last-minute project that you "should have finished yesterday." This is something that only a major Shopify development company can offer, as freelancers are often unable to manage projects with short deadlines.

Furthermore, a large Shopify development business may be able to accomplish a project in half the time without losing quality. Several previously accomplished ASAP initiatives and a carefully crafted, seamless approach for these specific situations make this possible.

As a consequence, if the individual or business has any experience with Urgent projects, you'll know where to turn for help if the need arises.

8. Will they give timely and clear communication?

Clear communication is essential while building a Shopify web store. A misunderstanding between you and a developer may result in additional charges.

A Professional Shopify development firm will have a specialized Project Manager who can immediately answer any of your commercial and technical questions concerning the project.

Write an email to the Shopify developer or reach them through a live chat with your queries. Examine how quickly they answer and whether their responses are concise and to the point.

9. What is the typical project timeline for them?

A huge firm with significant Shopify development expertise understands precisely what it takes to build a web store since engineers have developed hundreds or thousands of online stores. That implies an ETA should arrive within one or two business days at most. This ETA will include a pricing estimation for each item you'll need to pay for.

This also suggests that the staff will move ahead with your project as soon as you approve it. Just a few hours after the starting pistol is fired, a large, reputed Shopify development agency will have a couple of experts ready to begin.

10. What are the essential talents for a Shopify developer to have?

  • Complete grasp of JQuery, PHP, and JavaScript 
  • Hands-on experience dealing with API platforms 
  • Well trained in version control for Shopify theme development 
  • Should have a good portfolio of former clients
  • Excellent presentation and communication abilities

Final Words:

Shopify developers may be found and met on a lot of platforms. You may either Hire Shopify Developers or decide to freelance your Shopify Store Development. To ensure the success of your eCommerce business, you must ask these questions regardless of the path you follow or who you hire.

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