We need to understand the impact of Magento 1 end of life on your eCommerce business. End of life does not mean that the platform will disappear completely after its end date. It just means the platform will not release any updates or security patches once it reached its end of life. Essentially, you will no longer get support for your Magento 1 store anymore after its end of life in June 2020.

It’s good to know that platform upgrades can occur at any time for the latest and specific digital transformation in the system, which provides a period of consideration of what features are working well and what features need to be improved to keep moving forward.

Want to know more about the end of life of Magento 1?

Magento 1 End of life doesn't mean that your website will stop working. You will still access your website after its end of life in June 2020. It means Magento will provide security patches only until June 2020. After June 2020, there will be no patches, updates or official support but a license fee will still be due for Commerce Edition. If you have a Magento 1 eCommerce magento store in business, don’t worry that it will stop working after June 2020.

There are a lot of merchants still excelling in their current Magento 1 across the globe. Magento recently announced the end of support for the Magento 1 website after June 2020. The news is spread like a fire in the jungle. If you’re running your business on Magento 1, you need to clear one thing in your mind that it will be sunsetting in 2020 and will stop supporting Magento 1 web store it once reached its end of life.

As the end-of-life date completes for Magento 1, you can still operate on the system and begin to think about what steps you need to take now to ensure a smooth transition ahead in the future after its end date. With the right choice and proper planning, switching to Magento 2 can be an opportunity for innovative and positive digital transformation within your organization. This would surely be the right choice to continue growing in today’s competitive market.

The end of support of Magento 1 is June 2020 and you don’t have much time to make a decision. Once it covers its end date, all Magento 1 sites will become more and more vulnerable to security threats and no further features or innovations will be added on them. This means the advance security of your customers and your business would be at risk. The safest way is to move and to move on to Magento 2 platform as early as possible.

What Makes Magento 2 different from Magento 1

When it comes to the comparison between Magento 1 and Magento 2, you will get access to the enhanced feature set and the peace of mind of continued performance and security improvements through Magento 1 while Magento 2 enables you to get the additional benefits and functionality for better customer experience to boost your online store quickly and easily.

Magento 2 is best suited in today’s rapidly growing world which provides high performance, high security, scalability, better user experience, and more effective visibility into your online web store smoothly.

Why Upgrade with Magento 2

At present, Magento 2 is a top leading eCommerce platform empowering millions of web stores online across the world. With Magento 2, you will achieve maximum performance, scalability, better user experience, and high security to keep your web store secure from unethical hackers and deliver unmatched flexibility with high features and functionality to boost your eCommerce business online quickly and efficiently. Magento 2 gives you the freedom to scale your business to new heights for the long-term goal. Magento 2 is much cleaner and easier to use as it has also improved the page load speed and the homepage, category pages, and product pages load quickly in minimum time.

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