Good news! Magento Adobe Commerce 2.4.2-p1 and 2.3.7 have now been released on May 11th, 2021!

In the latest version of Magento 2.3.7, PHP 7.4 is supported, along with important security updates, as well as Elasticsearch 7.9.x, Varnish 6.5.1, and Redix 6.x.

The latest version of Magento 2.4.2-p1 and 2.3.7 has brought 40 security enhancements, outstanding platform upgrades, and 10 functional fixes for the core product.

Upgrade your Magento 2 store to offer robust security with exceptional features, then download the latest version of Adobe Commerce 2.4.2-p1 and 2.3.7 right now.

Let's take a look at what to expect from the latest Magento 2.3.x version. Here's what you need to know about Magento 2.4.2-p1 & 2.3.7.


What's New in Magento 2.4.2-p1 & 2.3.7: Key Highlights

  • Deprecated PHPUnit 6.5 and supports PHPUnit 9.x
  • PHP 7.4 is supported.
  • Significant security improvements
  • Compatible with Composer 2.x
  • Elastic search 7.9 is supported
  • Support for Varnish 6.5.1
  • Support for Redis 6.x and so on.


Significant Improvements in Security

  • The latest version Magento 2.4.4-p1 and 2.3.7 offer considerable security enhancements, which include:
  • Over 40 Security enhancements that help to eliminate vulnerabilities in remote code execution (RCE) and cross-site scripting (XSS) in order to prevent confirmed attacks.
  • The copy-to-clipboard feature has been disabled for all storefront credit card fields.

Magento 2.4.2-p1 & 2.3.7 have also brought the following other upgrades:


Platform Upgrades

Now as you know that Magento 2.3.7 supports PHP 7.4, so all integration tests and unit tests should be run using the latest PHP unit testing framework PHPUnit 9. In November 2022, PHP 7.4 will no longer be supported.

  • The latest release is not compatible with PHP 7.1 or 7.2.
  • The latest Magento 2.4.2-p1 & 2.3.7 is now compatible with Composer 2.x
  • Latest PHPUnit testing framework PHPUnit 9
  • Although Magento 2.3.x can be used with Elasticsearch 7.4, Adobe suggests 7.9.x for that version.


Interactive Product Guidance

The latest release Magento 2.4.2-p1 & 2.3.7 comes with interactive In-product guidance, which include:

  • In-depth onboarding information
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Get tips and information about the latest features directly from the Administrator
  • Helpful tooltips


Improvements in infrastructure

The Vimeo oEmbed API has been implemented in place of the Vimeo Simple API.
You cannot install or upgrade Magento 2.4.2-p1 & 2.3.7 from the Web Set-Up Wizard as it has been deprecated and removed.


Improvements in Vendor-Developed Extension

Amazon Pay is no longer supported. The new Vertex features and enhancements of the latest Magento 2.3.7 are:

  • Commodity Codes
  • Admin Order Cleansing


Other general fixes include:

“Save to Address Book” has now renamed to “Add to Address Book”
In the case of orders whose subtotals are calculated without including taxes, the new option named ‘Subtotal’ has been added as a rule condition in the cart price rule.


Magento 2.4.2-p1 & 2.3.7 Release Notes:

  • Magento Open Source 2.3.7 Release Notes
  • Magento Commerce 2.3.7 Release Notes

The release of the latest version also fixes a number of issues in Magento 2.4.2-p1 & 2.3.7 core code. For example, the Create an Account button remains active when the shopper enters invalid data on the Create New Account page.

Take full advantage of the updated features of the latest Adobe Commerce 2.4.2-p1 & 2.3.7 version and upgrade your existing Magento 2 store as soon as possible. Now that you have a brief overview of the latest Magento 2.4.2-p1 & 2.3.7 version, you can take further action soon.

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