With the increase of advanced technology, Magento has proved itself to become one of the best eCommerce platforms for all eCommerce store owners. Magento has launched its new edition with more updated features and functionality to get the most unique user experience of internet shopping for its eCommerce clients. 

If your web store has a great look and feel that makes it a unique, attractive and most appealing store to serve with a large number of users experience and great user interface on it then you can easily get high conversion on your online store that’s because the appearance of an eCommerce store plays a very important role in getting more customers with great shopping experience and great conversion on your web store. 

With Magespark PSD to Magento Theme Conversion Services, you will get your Magento store with elegant design & high user experience to the next level of success that will help you to transform your vision PSD theme layout to an extremely functional Magento responsive theme layout. With the help of certified Magento developers, Magespark has made a pixel perfect design PSD to Magento theme conversion of high-quality coding style that allows your store to reach the most targeted customers through all mobile devices, laptops, and computers with its fully responsive design layout. 

Our skilled Magento certified developers always aim to give you the best Magento theme design and functionality that will help you to improve your store performance with the great customer shopping experience. 

Magento- Reason behind its popularity

Due to the huge community behind Magento, it has empowered almost 40% of online eCommerce web stores from around the world. It is estimated that Magento has 450+ alternative partners are operating for 0.9+ million active members on its Magento Platform and have reached 0.5+ million downloads and moving forward continuously with high speed for progressing more growth on it. 

It is the best eCommerce web design and development platform that helps you to build an elegant and extremely fast-loading website, web application with modern marketing needs. Keeping all these factors in mind, PSD to Magento conversion services is being highly supported at all the level of your business. PSD to Magento conversion process is the same as all other PSD to WordPress, PSD to Joomla, and PSD to Drupal, etc. It plays an essential role to make your website even more attractive with its excellent flexibility and fully responsive theme design. Here, we will guide you through all the processes which are included in PSD to Magento conversion. Check out all the updates which are mentioned below: 

Set up Configurable swatches in Magento

Magento provides the configurable swatches feature that allows shopkeepers to display the multiple options available for configurable products. These options may be in the form of colours or sizes. The customers are now able to perform their selection by clicking on swatch instead of choosing a colour or size from a drop-down list. 

It is used for the presentation of your products on your website for a more appealing in an optimized way. It helps you with the increase of the conversion rates along with easy navigation, search result pages, category and catering the product details so that your customers can easily consume them. 

Enhanced Responsive Design

It is now easier to optimize your website with high conversion rate and great user experience by using our PSD to Magento 2 theme conversion services in your Magento 2 store. Magento has released many responsive themes in the year 2016 and available in both category premium and free themes available. 

It enhances the store performance, scalability, and improves the productivity of your business quickly. With the help of responsive, innovative, and default email template performance, your customers are now able to view all types of accounts such as checkout, order history, and more items directly from their mobile devices. 

Google Analytics

Getting high user traffic is one of the most important factors involved in the success of any eCommerce web store. You can easily track and monitor the traffic and conversion rate on your website in a few clicks by using the free Google analytics. You can easily determine the user engagement on each page of your site that helps you in improving the SEO of your store to boost it online. 

Biggest Enhancements in Magento 

Over a decade of years, Magento is constantly offering various functional and bugs fixes, enhancements, and important updates to empower thousands of online eCommerce web stores its platform. Magento has brought more than 70+ enhancements available on its platform which are created by the community members of Magento. 

These enhancements come as several improvements including the addition of infinite scroll extension, responsive theme, responsive layout design, multiple security enhancements as well as several functional fixes and high performance of Magento 2 with the ability to manage various parallel running eCommerce stores. The improvements in product security, core code fix, and bug fix enhancements with excellent support for all these extensions of Magento. 


Our PSD to Magento conversion using updated Magento 2 provides your customers with a great shopping experience, high conversion rate, and makes your website even more attractive with its great flexibility and fully responsive theme design. Being a leading Magento development company in India, we have achieved excellence in Magento theme conversion, Magento theme & extension development, 

and Magento web development with the help of our skilled and experienced team of certified Magento developers. If you are looking for PSD to Magento conversion in your Magento 2 store, our skilled Magento developers will encourage you to get your website a pixel perfect design look and feel with the fully responsive Magento 2 theme