Do you know how to extract the HTTP request's GET or POST request arguments? If not, let's have a look.

To get params we need a controller. If you have not created a controller yet, you can do this by How to create a controller in "Shopware 6"? article.

The following code describes how can we get the GET/POST parameters using the request's get method.


<?php declare(strict_types=1);

namespace MageSpark\HelloWorld\Controller;

use Shopware\Core\System\SalesChannel\SalesChannelContext;
use Shopware\Storefront\Controller\StorefrontController;
use Shopware\Core\Framework\Routing\Annotation\RouteScope;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;
use Symfony\Component\Routing\Annotation\Route;

 * @RouteScope (scopes={"storefront"})
class HelloWorldParamController extends StorefrontController
     * @RouteScope (scopes={"storefront"})
     * @Route ("/get-http-param", name="frontend.get.httpParams", methods={"GET", "POST"})
    public function getHttpData(Request $request, SalesChannelContext $salesChannelContext){

        $allParams = $request->query->all();

        echo "<pre><b>Result of \$allParams: </b><br/>";
        echo "</pre><br/>";


        $firstName = $request->get("firstname");

        echo "<pre><b>Result of \$firstName: </b><br/>";
        print_r("First Name: ". $firstName);
        echo "</pre><br/>";


        $defaultParamValue = $request->get("gender", "Not Specified");

        echo "<pre><b>Result of \$defaultParamValue: </b><br/>";
        print_r("Gender: ". $defaultParamValue);
        echo "</pre><br/>";


Result of the above code:

HTTP- parameter in shopware6

Obtain all parameters

The POST and GET methods function in the same way. I'll use GET as an example, although POST requests do not have the parameters supplied on the URI.

URL request to call your controller function

You can get all the parameters passed using GET or POST request as follow.


This function always returns an array containing all the parameters. If there is no parameter, the resulting array will be empty.


Array (
    [firstname] => Darpan
    [lastname] => Chaudhari

Obtain specified parameters:

URL request to call your controller function


RESULT:  Darpan


RESULT:  Chaudhari

If a parameter was not given, get the default settings for it.

URL request to call your controller function



In the given URL you can see that we have not passed gender parameter. So, the value will be null by default. because, we have not specified the default value. You can pass the default value as the second argument shown below.

$request->get('gender', 'Not Specified');

RESULT: Not Specified


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